About Us

Our Mission:

We strive to offer our customers exquisite and affordable opal jewelry, ammolite, dichroic glass, birthstone, and other gemstone jewelry (including turquoise, rainbow moonstone, paua shell, topaz, mystic topaz, mystic cz, cubic zirconia, and more).

Our History:

It all started in 2003 when I was looking in malls and jewelry stores for opal jewelry. I was not at all impressed by the selection of opals. The white opals did not have sufficient fire and there were no black opal triplets or any other kind of opal. I decided we would offer what was lacking by purchasing gemstones from Australia and finding settings to enhance their beauty and the rest is history.

What We Offer:

We specialize in opal jewelry set with fiery Australian black opal triplets, mosaic opals, solid lab created black opal jewelry, lab created white opal jewelry as well as lab created pink and blue opal jewelry. While we do offer some jewelry with natural solid white Australian opals (most items being offered with another kind of opal can be set with solid natural opals as well – please contact us for quotes), we prefer opals that stand out and demand attention rather than standard mall or jewelry store offerings.

We also offer some jewelry with lab created pink or lab created white opals and also jewelry with synthetic GilsonĀ® opals. We have opal rings (our specialty), opal pendants, opal earrings, handcrafted opal necklaces, and opal bracelets.

There is a section dedicated to unusual, unique, or one of a kind opal jewelry, as well as a separate section for unisex men’s opal rings for men or women with a larger finger size. Jill’s Jewelry & Opal Treasures jewelry shop also offers a section for children’s jewelry or for women who prefer dainty jewelry.

Almost all of our jewelry (rings, pendants, earrings, handcrafted necklaces, and bracelets) are sterling silver. We rarely sell base metal or plated jewelry unless they are highly unusual or unique. Some items may be special ordered in gold.

When buying any kind of jewelry, online, it is extremely important that you know you can return your purchase if you are not satisfied. All jewelry may look different depending on the lighting under which the photos were taken and the monitor on which they are being viewed.

Our (unaltered) jewelry comes with an unconditional money back guarantee which is explained in greater detail on our store FAQs page.