The Magic Of An Engagement Ring Set

1 carat diamond ringAn engagement ring set says you are ready for the end game, no matter how long it takes.

Engagement ring sets make a lot of sense. It’s a pretty sure thing that when you get engaged, you plan on walking down the aisle some time thereafter, so why not plan the wedding ring at the same time you shop for your engagement ring?

An engagement ring set is a lovely piece of jewelry, and matched sets suit most styles. Many soon-to-be brides like the look of a matching wedding and engagement ring set. But that doesn’t mean that an engagement ring set has to be matching, the engagement ring can look quite different from the wedding ring, yet still make a lovely set.

I’ve seen yellow gold wedding rings matched with a platinum engagement ring that make a good-looking set. Or an engraved wedding band with a simple engagement ring band. You can be as creative as you want to be with an engagement ring set, so long as you like it and feel happy to wear it for a long, long time.

An engagement ring set is a clever way of ensuring that you get the engagement ring and wedding ring you want. Designs can go out of stock, or worse still, jewelers go out of business, which means that the wedding ring you had your eye on to match the engagement ring you’re so proudly wearing now, may not be available when it comes time to make the wedding ring purchase. Particularly if you are planning on a long engagement.

Choosing an engagement ring set also means that you know for sure the design, size and shape of the two rings will be the same, no matter how long it takes you to get down the aisle. And very often you can make big savings by shopping for an engagement ring set.

Jewelers regularly offer specially discounted prices if you buy your engagement ring and wedding ring at the same time, and many jewelry stores offer a structured payment plan so you don’t have to live like a pauper to pay for both rings at the same time.

Engagement rings sets work well especially when you have your engagement ring designed in an unusual shape or style. Quite often you will need to have the wedding ring made at the same time to fit around a uniquely shaped band, for example. Simple, elegant designs also work well as an engagement ring set. I suggest you visit,icon our favorite online jeweler, for more fabulous engagement ring sets.

So when you’re shopping for your engagement ring, it’s a good idea to subtly remind your partner that it makes good sense to look at an engagement ring set. Then you know you’ve got him. . . game, set and match!

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